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Aug 27 / getclicked

Annex Products new UK, EU and Australia Quad Lock sites

Quad Lock Australia

Annex Products the manufacturer behind Quad Lock™ the very popular iPhone bike mount has just launched three new websites to better service their global markets in Europe, Australia and United Kingdom.

The new website can be found here:

Quad Lock Australia

Quad Lock United Kingdom

Quad Lock Europe

Annex Products believe that the local Quad Lock sites in local currencies will increase the user experience and help grow sales in the regions. 

Jun 8 / getclicked

Bluetooth Beanies!

Bluetooth Beanies now available in Australia!

The über popular Bluetooth beanies for listening to music while on the slopes are now available in Australia for only $59.95 including free shipping!

Buy Now

Listen to your music cables free straight from your iPhone straight from iTunes through a Bluetooth Beanie.


  • Washable 
  • Sweat and Snow Proof 
  • Rechargeable 
  • 100% Cotton 
  • Bluetooth (no more wires) 

Bluetooth Beanies

Mar 31 / getclicked

Awesome new Australian Fishing Blog

 In Depth Angler - Australia fishing blog

In Depth Angler is an awesome new Australian Fishing blog featuring in-depth reviews, fishing tips and great video of the creators fishing trips.

As the creators of the blog are victroian based there’s awesome information on both fresh and saltwater fishing in the region.  With a strong focus on lure and fly presented at a very high level this blog will definitely be one to keep an eye on.

Check it out at

Feb 11 / getclicked

3D Printers Australia

One of the best Australian 3D printers blogs has got to be 3D Printers Australia site that started back in 2011 during the break of affordable 3d Printers like the Makerbot from the US and the Rapman from the UK.

3d Printers Australia blog

Packed full of great content and featuring some of the best 3D Printing suppliers from Australia, 3D Printers Australia is a one stop shop for all your local 3d printing information needs.

Aug 2 / getclicked

Samsung Galaxy S4 Bike mount

The Quad Lock iPhone bike Mounting systems has been a big hit and thousands of cyclists all over the world have been hitting the road and trails whilst recording their crucial statistics through such apps as Strava, Garmin, Roadbike and Cyclemeter just to name a few. Now the Samsung Galaxy S4 Cyclist of the world can too check Facebook and monitor incoming Tweets while on the go as Quad lock has released their first Android products the Quad Lock Samsung Galaxy S4 Bike Mount Kit.

 Android Bike mount

The Quad Lock Samsung Galaxy S4 Bike Mount Kit will be very similar to that of their existing iPhone5 Bike Mount Kit, featuring a strong grippy Polycarbonate and TPU over-moulded case their Patented dual stage locking Bike Mount PRO and the just incase the weather turn clear touchscreen enabled Poncho weather resistant case.

galaxy s4 bike mount kit

Quad Lock Samsung Galaxy S4 Bike Mount Kit

  1. Quad Lock enabled Galaxy S4 Case
  2. Quad Lock Bike Mount PRO
  3. Quad Lock Poncho wether resistant cover
  4. O-rings and cable ties

The beauty of the Quad lock Galaxy Bike Mount over others on the market is the easy of use and the fact that Samsung’s flagship smartphone can be attached and detached from you bike in just second!

Quad Lock Galaxy S4


Feb 22 / getclicked

Australian Fishing Site


Backcountry Fishing is a new Australian based fishing site looking to spread information about the great fishing available in Australia.

Most recently the guys from Backcountry Fishing have been Bream fishing in the Yarra river in Melbourne throwing lures from a boat. The site hopes to showcase a whole lot more Australian fishing action and will be entering and reporting from some of the local fishing competitions.

In the past Backcountry fishing have also made some great Trout fishing videos in some of the Victorian rivers as seen below.

Feb 22 / getclicked

Mountain Bike iPhone Mount


The Quad Lock is an awesome new iPhone bike mount for Mountain Bike riders among others. The Quad Lock is a great iPhone bike mount because it’s super strong, secure and really fast to attache to your bike. One of the best things about this Mountain Bike mount is that it’s also a great everyday case that you leave onto your iPhone. No more removing your iPhone from a case and installing it into a mounting system, simply push, twist and your iPhone’s mounted onto your mountain bike.


Another awesome feature is that the new iPhone5 Quad lock Kit now comes with the Poncho cover that protect you iPhone from the elements and just simply slips over the mounted iPhone.

Watch the video to get the full idea of how the whole Quad Lock systems works.

Feb 18 / getclicked

NEW – iPhone 5 Bike Mount Kit and Video

Annex Products the maker on Quad Lock Mounting Systems have just released their new video for the latest and greatest iPhone5 bike mount.  The new case is better than ever with composite construction and the new Bike Mount Kit now comes with everything you need supplied to mount your iPhone to your bike.

Included in the iPhone Bike Mount Kit is the following:

  • Bike Mount Pro with zip ties and O-rings
  • Quad Lock iPhone5 protective case
  • Ponchon weather resistant cover

See the Quad Lock iPhone5 Bike Mount in action…

Dec 14 / getclicked new site

UPDATE: After falling of the internet for a while this website is back up and running! But now it’s not only looking at the Bike Mounts for iPhone but looking at the bike mounts now available for other Smartphones on the market like the new Quad Lock for the Galaxy S4  

New website has launched to offer quality information on the best iPhone  bike mount solutions as well as the apps that work best with them.

Heavily featuring the Quad Lock iPhone bike mount the new site will look at all forms of riding including Road, Commuter and mountain bike just to name a few.

With new and exciting iPhone Bike apps hitting the App Store everyday many people are looking for a great iPhone Bike mounting solution and will be a number one source of information.

Dec 14 / Rob Ward

Best iPhone 5 Bike Mount

With the introduction of many iPhone Apps targeted at the bike market, cyclists all over the world are looking for the best iPhone Bike Mount solution and we think we found it.  Its called the Quad Lock by an Australian company Annex Products.

iphone bike mount strava

The key features of the Quad Lock is that its a super strong, super light and easy to attach and detach from your bike. The main reason we love the Quad Lock as a great iPhone bike mount is that the Quad Lock iPhone case doubles as a great everyday case as half the mounting solution is concealed in the back of the case.  The best thing about it is that you don’t need to take your iPhone out of your everyday case and install it on your bike, with the Quad Lock you just attach your case with a simple twist and off your ride.

iphone bike mount close up

And don’t worry if it starts to rain as they have that sorted with a silicon style slip on case that keeps your iPhone dry while riding in the rain. As shown in the picture below the Quad Lock iPhone bike mount with waterproof poncho cover installed.

iphone bike mount waterproof case

The Quad Lock is also a very strong iPhone bike mount as seen is this video below where the team at Annex Products it lifts over 80KG.

For More info on iPhone Bike Mounts visit the Quad Lock site

Nov 3 / getclicked

Top 10 Photo Apps for Instagram

Instagram photo appsGreat new post on featuring the Top 10 Photo Apps for use with Instagram.  Get the best tips on what’s the hottest apps and the best ways to use them in this new post.

Top 10 Best iPhone Photo Apps for Instagram

Jul 24 / getclicked

Instatag – new instagram #tag app

Instatag app for instagram

Instatag is a new iOS app made for instagram users. Instatag allows users to quickly tag their shots with the most popular and relevant #tags currently in use on the Instagram platform.   The App is being developed by Annex Products the team behind both the Opena Case and Quad Lock.

Instatag is currently under development and due to be released on the App Store in August.

For more info visit

Mar 28 / getclicked

Australian Bloggers Doing Well

The Australian blogging community has taken off in recent years, and Josh Janssen, founder of Melbourne Blog, Melbourne Geek is riding the virtual wave! Bloggers are thanking social media and a level playing field in search, for their booming communities and high traffic blogs.

“Now anyone can make a blog” Says Josh Janssen. “But traffic doesn’t just come to you. It takes a lot of work, both in producing high quality content and staying active within social networks.”

The Melbourne blogger is set for big things!

Mar 20 / getclicked

How to setup a Kickstarter project as an Australia

Rob and Chris have successfully Crowd Funded 2 project on Kickstarter and have now released the system that they used to to get an Amazon Payments Account and setup a Kickstarter project as an Australian on Rob Ward’s blog.

How to open an Amazon Payments Account and setup a Kickstarter project if you’re Australian

Feb 13 / getclicked

Annex Products new website

Annex ProductsAnnex Products is a new Australian company making waves in the mobile technology protection market. Annex Products the makers of the Opena Case (iPhone bottle opener) and the Quad Lock (case base iPhone mounting systems) have just launched their new company website at

Annex Products will be updating the website as new products are released and company new comes to hand.